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Memorial Weekend 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

Friday, May 27th marked the 2nd launching of the Sunset Bandit in 2011. Soon after the boat was in, it was pointed in the familiar direction of the Barking Crab. The ride, like always, is breathtaking through the harbor. The Crab on the other hand was dreadful. I had never been there during a live band. I have no intentions of going back when there is. The only worse than awful music is awful music played awfully loud. Needless to say, my stay at the Crab was only long enough to watch the Bruins clinch their invitation to the Stanley Cup.


I started Sunday the 29th started off with betrayal. I took my first sailing lesson over at Courageous Sailing in Charlestown. It’s all part of my master escape plan (CRUISING IN SERAFFYN).  Immediately afterwards I was on board the Sunset Bandit armed with dogs, sangria, fishing poles, and optimism.

At least the Sangria was good.  I can’t say I expected to catch any fish, but it would have been nice to at least get a nibble. The weather was incredible and the dogs were great. Although, I think they managed to damage my boat a bit. (more on that once I figure out what exactly the problem is).

The days adventures ran from 2pm until around 9. There were some hiccups here and there, but for the most part things couldn’t ahve been better. The docking, however, was an entirely different experience. As I approached my slip it became clear that drive was not engaging properly on my boat. I wasn’t able to idle in drive. For some reason or another, the boat would only engage into drive at very high RPM’s. For anyone who has ever docked a boat, high rpm’s are not what you want when you’re doing that. I was pinballing my way around that marina for quite some time before I finally made a very embarrassing and untriumphant docking. Thank goodness there were a couple of other boat owners on the marina because I may still be out there struggling to park that beast.  What caused the problem? That is still to be determined. But, I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that my two dogs were climbing all over the cables in the rear transom/motor.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that’s the only problem.

Otherwise, my next entry will be about the Sunset Bandit’s 3rd official launching

More relaxation on the Bandit.

Ugly yet very effective shoes I picked up called NATIVE Jeffersons.


My new favorite spot on the Bandit. Relaxing on the bow with Sangria in hand

No one smiles more on the water than my sidekick Porter

Cassidy, however, is sad that I won't let her retrieve the lures


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