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A Wet and Bumpy Ride

A Wet and Bumpy Ride

Yesterday I had resigned myself to a day of football on the couch. It was a crummy and cold outside…and the couch was oh so comfortable. But, when my sidekick Tubbs walked in and asked about heading out on the boat I quickly changed my plans for the day.

We loaded up the Sunset Bandit with a thermos of coffee and kahlua, two dogs, two fishing poles, the quasar and a new oak platform for the cuddy cabin I had recently built (with my brother). More on the platform later.

It didn’t take long to realize that this ride was going to be a cold one. As soon as we left the cozy confines of the Admiral Hill’s Marina we were met with a stiff cold breeze that had us both scrambling for our jackets.  I let Tubbs take us through the harbor and off towards Deer Island. Unfortunately, Tubbs’s greatest skill at the helm turned out to be driving into the waves at such an angle that absolutely positively maximized the amount of water that came barrelling over the bow and port side. Coffee was spilled, the quasar was on the fritz from drinking salt water and my dog Cassidy was looking for a place to hide. By the time we anchored over near Deer island (my new anchor actually holds by the way..thank you Josh) I was ready to head back for a warm shower. But, in the end I casted a few lines in hopes of catching an elusive striped bass. 20 casts later…I had caught nothing but a chill, so we headed back.

In the end, it was another fruitless, albeit brief, fishing outing that ended with another spectacular sunset. I learned that Tubbs should stick to the passenger side. Lastly, I learned that my dogs are idiots near the dock and are about to have their boat privileges revoked. Perhaps Cassidy wanted to help, perhaps she had had enough of the boat, but as soon as we neared the slip she leaped out like the boat was on fire. Sadly, her grace and youthful exit was not duplicated by old man Porter who probably would have lost a leg if Tubbs hadn’t been on the dock and ready to save the day.

looking towards the mystic river (no photoshop)

Check out Tubbs in the background. Hard at work on a 3 week old beer that was sitting in the live well.


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