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The Sunset Bandit gets its first fishing pole.

The Sunset Bandit gets its first fishing pole.

This afternoon I made a run up to West Marine in Woburn and picked up some small supplies for the boat. On my drive back,  I screwed up and missed my exit. Rather than turn around, I decided to take advantage of the miscue and proceeded down to The Sportsman’s Den in Quincy.  It’s a small privately owned shop that came highly recommended to me. And I needed a fishing pole.

My experience with salt water fishing has always followed the same routine.

  1. Charter a boat.
  2. Wake up early one morning.
  3. Haul a cooler full of beer onto a boat.
  4. Drink
  5. Fish
  6. Drink
  7. Watch the first mate bait and clean everything I catch.

But now that I’m a boat owner, those days of sitting back and letting someone else do all the work for me are likely coming to an end. Instead, I plan to host my family’s fishing trips on the Sunset Bandit.

Now I’m not sure if the guy at the store was the owner or not, but man…was he helpful. When I asked for a Shimano Baitrunner reel he offered me a more ‘value-oriented’ option that he runs on his charter boat. Hearing that he ran a charter boat was about all the convincing I needed that he was an expert. At the end of the my 20 minutes in the store. I left with the same setup he runs on his boats…along with 4 lures. Not bad for $205. I’d recommend the shop to anyone in need of some new equipment. The shop is far from fancy, but it’s nice knowing that you’re purchasing something from a small mom and pop shop as opposed to a big chain.

I’ve got a Okuma Coronado CD65 reel perched atop a Bimini Bay Tsunami Trophy Series rod.  Let the fishing begin.

6' rod, Line: 20-40lb

Another cool feature is how the bottom of the rod will set into a fighting chair or rod holder


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