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Exploring Boston Harbor

Exploring Boston Harbor

Today marked the first real use of The Sunset Bandit. I took her out around 4 and didn’t return to around midnight. After multiple dockings the jitters are already becoming a thing of the past. Now, I’m just enjoying the whole experience.  It’s hard to explain how high my expectations were for owning a boat in Boston. But what I can explain is that those expectations were completely shattered. I don’t think there is a Boston memory that can compare to that moment when I found the Harbor empty last night. I felt like an was as if what I was doing was illegal, because surely if it was legal…more people would be out there doing it. I wound up putting the boat into neutral and simply floating. I wanted that moment to last.

Getting underway

The water was a bit choppy out there so I found it best for me to stand. Plus...can't beat the wind in the hair. Dogs aren't dumb.

My sister Kara enjoying the ride

Free slips at the Barking Crab. Can't beat that.

The Crab was bustling. We actually had to wait outside for some spots to open up. Definitely a hot spot that I'll be frequenting often.

Ricardo Tubbs wrapping up the lines as we head off after fueling. Ricardo was a busy man with all of the frequent dockings we had yesterday. I couldn't have made the trek without him.

The views did not suck.

The float plan went as followed.

  1. Fill up at Mystic Marine.
  2. Dock at the Barking Crab, grab a Dark-n-Stormy,  and pick up my sister and her friends
  3. Head out and explore some of the islands (spectacle, castle, thompson..etc..etc)
  4. Head over to Quincy to see if there was a way for us to check out what was happening at the waterfront bars
  5. Find a cool old vessel that reminded me of the Goonies that was moored over near Winthrop
  6. Head back to the Barking Crab for dinner and drinks
  7. Get blown away by the vast empty boston harbor at night
  8. Swing into the Tavern on the Water for a beer.
  9. Head back to the Admiral Hill Marina.
  10. Revel in a successful first outing.


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